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You Can Now Order A 717 Horsepower Challenger Hellcat With A Manual


The automotive industry has seen a significant shift towards automatic transmissions in recent years. The convenience and ease of use offered by automatics have made them the preferred choice for many drivers. However, for those who crave a more engaging and dynamic driving experience, the manual transmission has always held a special place. Enthusiasts rejoice, as Dodge has now made it possible to order a 717 horsepower Challenger Hellcat with a manual transmission, providing the best of both worlds for performance-minded drivers.

The Power of the Challenger Hellcat

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has long been revered for its staggering horsepower and jaw-dropping performance. Its supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine produces a monstrous 717 horsepower, catapulting the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. With such power under the hood, the Hellcat is a force to be reckoned with on the roads. Until now, this power was only available with an automatic transmission, limiting the driver’s control over the driving experience.

The Rise of Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ease of use and convenience. They eliminate the need for manual gear shifting, allowing drivers to focus more on the road and less on the mechanics of driving. Furthermore, automatic transmissions have evolved to deliver impressive performance and fuel efficiency, making them an attractive choice for everyday driving.

Manual Transmission: A Long-Awaited Option

Despite the rise of automatic transmissions, there has always been a vocal group of enthusiasts who prefer the control and engagement offered by manual transmissions. For years, they have eagerly awaited the opportunity to pair a manual gearbox with the immense power of the Challenger Hellcat. Dodge has listened to their pleas and has finally answered their prayers by offering a manual transmission option for the Challenger Hellcat.

The Performance Benefits of Manual Transmission

A manual transmission offers several performance benefits that make it appealing to driving enthusiasts. Firstly, it allows for more precise control over gear selection, enabling drivers to maximize the power and torque of the engine. This results in quicker acceleration and more responsive handling. Additionally, manual transmissions typically have a lighter weight, contributing to improved weight distribution and overall performance.

The Joy of Shifting Gears

One of the main attractions of a manual transmission is the joy and satisfaction it brings through the act of shifting gears. The tactile feedback, the engagement of the clutch, and the synchronized dance between the driver and the machine create a unique connection and enhance the overall driving experience. It adds an element of excitement and involvement that automatic transmissions often lack.

Manual Transmission: A Connection Between Driver and Machine

Driving enthusiasts often describe the manual transmission as a conduit that connects them to the essence of driving. By having direct control over gear changes, drivers feel more connected to the car, allowing them to fully experience its power and capabilities. It creates a sense of unity between the driver and the machine, elevating the driving experience to new heights.

Safety Considerations

While manual transmissions offer unparalleled engagement and control, it is important to acknowledge that they require a higher level of skill and attention from the driver. Shifting gears manually demands proper coordination of the clutch, throttle, and gear lever, which may pose challenges for inexperienced drivers or those navigating heavy traffic. Therefore, it is crucial for drivers to be proficient in operating manual transmissions and exercise caution while driving.

Customization and Personalization

In addition to the thrilling performance, Dodge understands the importance of customization and personalization for car enthusiasts. The availability of a manual transmission for the Challenger Hellcat opens up new avenues for personalizing the driving experience. Drivers can now fine-tune their gearshifts to their liking, adding a personal touch that further enhances the connection between driver and machine.

Price and Availability

The option to order a 717 horsepower Challenger Hellcat with a manual transmission comes with a slight premium in price compared to the automatic variant. However, for driving purists who value the engaging experience of a manual gearbox, the additional cost is a worthwhile investment. Interested buyers can contact their local Dodge dealerships to inquire about availability and place their orders.

The Future of Manual Transmissions

While the prevalence of automatic transmissions continues to grow, the introduction of a manual transmission option for the Challenger Hellcat demonstrates that there is still a dedicated market for manual gearboxes. Driving enthusiasts who appreciate the art of driving will always seek out the engagement and control offered by manuals. Although they may become less common, manual transmissions are likely to remain a staple in high-performance and sports cars for years to come.


The introduction of a manual transmission option for the 717 horsepower Challenger Hellcat has reignited the passion and excitement of driving enthusiasts. It combines the raw power of the Hellcat with the engaging and immersive experience of shifting gears manually. Dodge’s decision to offer this option demonstrates their commitment to catering to the desires of driving purists who crave a more visceral and connected driving experience.

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