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The Role of Gravure Printing in the Future of Sustainable Packaging


Gravure printing, an intaglio printmaking technique, uses recessed cells on the printing surface to transfer ink onto paper or other materials. It is a key component of sustainable packaging. For periodicals, books, catalogues, and packaging items, employ this technique. While retaining the effectiveness and safety of the product, sustainable packaging seeks to reduce its negative environmental effects. However, because gravure printing uses chemicals and solvents that are emitted into the atmosphere during manufacturing, it has a substantial negative impact on the environment. If not adequately managed, these pollutants can have a significant influence on air quality. Gravure printing is essential for developing eco-friendly packaging solutions, and OBL Prints Dubai, a top printing business in Dubai, underlines its advantages, difficulties, and prospects in this regard.

The Role of Gravure Printing in the Future of Sustainable Packaging

Gravure Printing Uses

Gravure printing, which allows for elaborate graphics and finishes that are difficult or unattainable with other technologies, is a common technique in the beverage industry for high-end packaging. It is also helpful for limited-edition products since it enables complex graphics and higher print quantities for items like seasonal beverages and flavours.

Gravure printing, a process that combines rotogravure with inkjet printing, is used by the apparel industry to produce striking patterns on textiles. These prints feature brilliant colours and enduring patterns, ranging from simple details like polka dots to complicated imagery like logos, pictures, or entire artwork.

Food packaging frequently uses gravure printing because it generates high-quality pictures fast and affordably. It offers a tough finish that holds up well throughout travel and looks fantastic on shelves when shopping. Bold product branding on gravure printed packaging may set them apart from rival products.

The Benefits of Gravure Printing

Due to its higher productivity and fewer stages, gravure printing is a preferred option for commercial printing. This method of printing enables company owners to increase earnings and save costs since it has quicker turnaround times and reduced costs.

Gravure printing produces accurate graphics with rich colours on screens as small as 80 lines per inch (LPI) by using recessed cells in the plate to retain ink. Due to the fact that supplies including plates, cylinders, and solvents require less frequent replacement as compared to other printing processes, this low-running cost alternative makes printing desirable.

Gravure printing ensures high-quality goods while cutting operating expenses for firms looking to develop distinctive packaging solutions for online marketplaces. This tool is useful for businesses since it reproduces elaborate drawings precisely.

Sustainable Printing Benefits

To save waste and provide high-quality packaging materials, sustainable printing is crucial. Paperboard, plastic bottles, and films are recyclable alternatives that increase product longevity while lowering carbon impact. Obviating the requirement for fresh resources for the production processes also reduces costs.

An essential component of printing sustainability is sustainable inks. They are biodegradable and have less poisons, which lessens environmental pollution. These inks are perfect for high-speed production runs without losing quality or accuracy because of their vibrant colours and quick drying time.

Saving money, using less energy, and using eco-friendly inks are all appealing features of sustainable printing solutions. Over time, these procedures guarantee high-quality prints while reducing operational costs. Eco-friendly inks demand less upkeep, enabling businesses to increase earnings while defending the environment from pollution and deterioration brought on by unsustainable practises.

Challenges to Overcome

Due to a lack of knowledge about its environmental advantages among consumers and enterprises, sustainable printing has difficulties in becoming broadly used. Because traditional inks are frequently less expensive, consumers frequently neglect the potential long-term savings and benefits of utilising eco-friendly materials. Despite these difficulties, sustainable printing has several advantages over conventional techniques.

Some businesses may find the cost of traditional inks with higher-quality materials excessive, necessitating careful planning to obtain the greatest savings without compromising the quality of the final product or the happiness of the client. Sustainable inks are a good option since they use higher-quality components.

Due to technological issues, switching from traditional printing techniques to eco-friendly ones might be difficult. Different types of equipment could be employed, depending on the needs of the project. Businesses should engage knowledgeable experts at every level of the shift to guarantee efficiency and quality requirements.


Gravure printing is a quick, affordable, and effective way to create colourful, high-quality prints for sustainable packaging in the apparel, food, and beverage sectors. Businesses may enjoy long-term cost benefits while safeguarding the environment from pollutants brought on by unsustainable practises thanks to reduced operating expenses and precise outcomes. Before sustainable printing is extensively used, however, obstacles like price and customer awareness must be resolved.

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