FinanceThe 4 Benefits of Hiring a Reputable Whistleblower Attorney

The 4 Benefits of Hiring a Reputable Whistleblower Attorney


A whistleblower lawyer can help you qualify for a governmental reward and legal protection in exchange for reporting information about fraud against the government. Many laws, including the False Claims Act and SEC whistleblower programs, cover the types of cases that qualify for rewards.


Whistleblowers serve a vital public service by exposing illegal, unethical, or fraudulent activities within their workplace. These whistleblowers risk their careers and personal and professional lives and often face financial hardship. They deserve committed legal representation from expert whistleblower retaliation attorneys who can help them recover damages for prohibited retaliation’s financial, practical, and emotional impacts.

When choosing a whistleblower attorney, look for an attorney with a solid reputation in the community and the legal world. Consider how long the attorney has been practicing law and the number of cases they have handled successfully. Also, ask about the attorney’s fee structure. Some firms charge hourly rates, while others offer contingency options.

A good whistleblower lawyer like Audet & Partners team will understand that a case can be complicated and require significant resources. In addition, these types of cases are lengthy and often take years to resolve. Look for an attorney who works on a contingency basis and will be dedicated to your case for a long time.

Many whistleblowers receive rewards for their contributions to the government’s cases under the False Claims Act, SEC whistleblower laws, NHTSA whistleblower laws, and Anti-Money Laundering whistleblower laws. These rewards can amount to millions of dollars in some instances. A reputable whistleblower lawyer will be familiar with these reward programs and can provide the best possible advice on filing your case and maximizing any potential awards you may receive.


When filing a whistleblower lawsuit, choosing a lawyer with the experience and qualifications necessary for the case is important. It is also important to consider how long the attorney has been in practice and what results they have achieved for their clients. Getting the right legal advice can help individuals avoid mistakes and increase their chances of receiving protection from retaliation by their employers.

It is also essential to find an attorney familiar with the specific type of fraud being reported. For example, if an individual is reporting an issue involving Medicare fraud, they should work with an attorney who has experience with similar cases. It is also a good idea to find out how much experience the attorney has working with government agencies.

Lastly, finding an attorney comfortable working with people from different backgrounds and cultures is important. Whistleblower cases can be complicated, and a lot is often at stake. It is, therefore, important to choose an attorney who can effectively communicate with you and provide the best possible outcome for your case.


Having the right attorney is vital for a whistleblower case. A reputation, professional accolades, and experience are all important factors, but a successful track record of successfully recovering rewards for whistleblowers is the most significant factor. Top whistleblower attorneys will have a lengthy list of satisfied clients.

Whistleblowers risk their careers when they expose companies committing fraud or engaging in illegal activities. They often suffer workplace retaliation, including termination, demotion, and other negative employment consequences. They are also at risk of financial loss and other damages. Many whistleblower laws protect whistleblowers from retaliation and provide financial rewards to individuals who report evidence of fraud or wrongdoing. The federal False Claims Act, and similar whistleblower programs operated by the IRS, SEC, and NHTSA, offer protection and a substantial reward to those who come forward with information about fraudulent schemes. A whistleblower law firm familiar with the statutes and their state variations is best equipped to help whistleblowers protect their rights and maximize any whistleblower reward at the end of a case.

Effective communication and availability are also essential characteristics of a whistleblower attorney. Choose an attorney who responds quickly to your questions and concerns and is available on weekends and after hours. Most whistleblower lawyers work on a contingency basis and do not charge upfront fees.


While deciding to blow the whistle on wrongdoing is important, it can also be challenging. People who come forward to expose corruption and greed often find themselves in the crosshairs of their employers and need committed legal representation from an expert to protect against retaliation and pursue a reward.

The best whistleblower attorneys know how to guide clients through this complex and time-consuming legal process. They have a track record of success and work with government agencies and investigators to help make a difference in the world and recover substantial rewards for whistleblowers.

Many states and the federal government have passed laws that offer substantial rewards to individuals who report information about fraud against the government, tax fraud, securities fraud, or other violations of law. These rewards can be in the millions of dollars. The False Claims Act, IRS whistleblower laws, and SEC whistleblower laws include anti-retaliation provisions to prevent company retaliation against workers who report misconduct.

There is much misinformation and demonization of whistleblowers in current society. Still, they do make a difference by helping to stop wrongful practices and costing those doing the wrong thing a lot of money. 

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