ReviewsLeading Developers in Polyurethane Foam

Leading Developers in Polyurethane Foam


What happens when you mix isocyanate and polyol resin? You get a chemical reaction that makes Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF. This spray foam is excellent for different applications like packaging and insulation.

SPF is available as either open cell or closed cell types (based on cell structure). Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on what you require as a business or a homeowner.

In This Article

  • Open Cell and Closed Cell SPF Types
  • Foam Choice: Factor in project type, budget, insulation needs.
  • Isothane: Leading developer in polyurethane foam.
  • Applications: Wall insulation, roof protection, movie props, marine buoys, waterproofing.
  • Products: Ecofil 40 for buoys, Technitherm for walls, Pirthane® 0 is fire-resistant, Thermadek for roofs, Isothane WBF for soundproofing.

Open Cell

This type has space between the cells, so it’s softer and pliable. This makes it very useful to be used in spaces that are hard to reach or small. It has a lower R-value, which is a measure of thermal resistance, or a value that shows how well a material insulates. This type is usually less expensive compared to closed cell. Sometimes, it helps that this type allows for more air circulation, but there’s a downside, that it may retain water or moisture.

Closed Cell

In this type, the cells are more densely packed, making it more rigid and stable. It even has a higher R-value per inch which makes it much better for insulation, though more expensive than open cell. It can be used as a barrier against moisture, protecting structures from water damage, in fact, it makes the building stronger. This type is helpful if one is looking to insulate larger areas that want to keep the vapours away.

Broadly speaking, when you choose between either, it’s important to consider:

  • kind of project
  • budget constraints
  • insulation needs

Isothane Solutions

Isothane stands as a prominent developer and manufacturer in the polyurethane foam technology sector. Their expertise spans across a range of applications, from thermal insulation to waterproofing and crafting rigid foam products.

(Visit their website to learn more:

Applications of Isothane Products

  • Injected Foam Insulation for Cavity Walls: A solution that provides efficient insulation for walls getting maximum energy conservation.
  • Spray Foam Insulation for Roofs: A method that ensures roofs are well-insulated, keeping the inside unaffected by outside temperature fluctuations.
  • Foam Props for the Film Industry: Crafting realistic props for movies, giving a guarantee of authenticity in cinematic experiences.
  • Marine Buoys: Ensuring safety and navigation in marine environments.
  • Waterproofing Membranes: Applied as a liquid, these membranes ensure structures remain water-resistant.
Product NameDescriptionKey Features
Ecofil 40Used to fill buoys, it offers buoyancy and resistance to chemical and mechanical attack.Long-lasting without degradation.
TechnithermA CFC & HCFC FREE two-component rigid polyurethane foam.Complies with BS 7457:1994 for masonry cavity walls stabilization and insulation.
Pirthane® 0An insulating system with excellent fire-resistant properties.Class 1 surface spread of flame as per BS476 Part 7 1997.
ThermadekAn HCFC & CFC FREE two-component rigid foam system.Meets the requirements of British Standards 5241 and 7021 for weatherproofing and insulation of the roof’s exterior.
Isothane WBFA KIWA approved water blown open cell spray foam product.Suitable for insulation in commercial and residential sectors. Also used for sound deadening between floors.

Commitment to Quality

Isothane is dedicated to quality, extending from the appearance of their products to how they perform. Their products and services meet the highest standards and the technical support they provide is underscored by the years of experience they hold in the industry.

They keep updating their product range, to empower their clients with advanced solutions, helping their business grow.

Their Specialties include Manufacturing, Spray Foam, Cavity Wall Insulation, Polyurethane Products, Waterproofing, Cavity Wall Stabilisation, Set & Prop Design Foam Products, Pre-Polymers, Toll Manufacturing, and Rigid Polyurethane Foam.

Head over to to get in touch with an installer.

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