Sports3 Edmonton Oilers who should not return in 2023

3 Edmonton Oilers who should not return in 2023


The Edmonton Oilers, a prominent team in the National Hockey League (NHL), have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years. As the 2023 season approaches, it becomes crucial for the team to assess their roster and make strategic decisions about the players who should continue representing the Oilers. This article highlights three players who, due to various reasons, might not be the best fit for the team moving forward.

Player A

Player A has been an integral part of the Edmonton Oilers for several seasons, but recent performance declines raise concerns about their future with the team.

Performance Decline

In the past season, Player A’s performance has noticeably declined. Their statistics show a significant decrease in goals and assists, suggesting a drop in productivity. This decline raises questions about their ability to contribute effectively to the team’s success.

Age and Contract

Another factor that adds to the uncertainty surrounding Player A is their age and contract. As they approach the later years of their career, there is a natural decline in athletic performance. Additionally, their contract might be a financial burden for the team, limiting the flexibility to make other necessary roster adjustments.

Potential Replacements

To address the concerns surrounding Player A, the Edmonton Oilers should consider potential replacements who can bring fresh energy and talent to the team. Exploring the free-agent market or considering internal options within the organization could provide opportunities to strengthen the roster and maintain a competitive edge.

Player B

Player B’s inconsistent performance and fit within the team dynamics raise doubts about their future with the Edmonton Oilers.

Inconsistent Performance

Player B has shown inconsistency in their performance throughout their tenure with the team. While they have had remarkable games, there have been instances where their contribution has been lackluster. This inconsistency hampers the team’s ability to rely on them consistently for success.

Fit with the Team

The fit between a player and the team’s style of play is vital for achieving synergy on the ice. Unfortunately, Player B’s playing style might not align seamlessly with the Edmonton Oilers’ system. This lack of synergy can disrupt the flow of the team’s gameplay and hinder their overall performance.

Trade Options

Considering Player B’s inconsistent performance and potential misalignment, exploring trade options could be a viable solution for the Edmonton Oilers. Trading them for another player who complements the team’s style and brings more consistency could provide a boost to the team’s chances of success.

Player C

Player C’s recurring injury concerns and their impact on the team’s salary cap situation make it questionable for them to continue with the Edmonton Oilers.

Injury Concerns

Player C has been plagued by recurring injuries, limiting their availability for a significant portion of the season. These injuries not only affect their individual performance but also disrupt the team’s lineup and dynamics. Continually dealing with these injury concerns can have long-term implications for the team’s success.

Salary Cap Implications

In addition to injury concerns, Player C’s salary is a significant consideration for the Edmonton Oilers. Allocating a substantial portion of the salary cap to a player with recurring injury issues can limit the team’s ability to sign other key players or make necessary roster improvements.

Roster Flexibility

To address the challenges posed by Player C’s injury concerns and salary cap implications, the Edmonton Oilers need to prioritize roster flexibility. This might involve exploring potential trades, signing players with lower salaries, or promoting talent from within the organization. Maintaining a balanced roster with more flexibility can enhance the team’s chances of success.


In conclusion, as the Edmonton Oilers prepare for the 2023 season, it is crucial for them to evaluate their roster and make strategic decisions. Players who are experiencing performance declines, inconsistency, and injury concerns, or whose contracts pose financial constraints should be carefully considered for the team’s long-term success. By addressing these areas, the Edmonton Oilers can make the necessary adjustments to maintain competitiveness in the NHL.

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